Babysitting Rates Map: Here’s How Much a Babysitter Will Cost You Across the United States

Babysitter with child

If you’re a busy parent trying to get a night out with your spouse, but you want to stick to a budget, then you’re probably wondering how much you should pay for a babysitter.

You’re not alone. 79% of parents say that childcare costs are one of their family’s highest expenses, so it’s no wonder we’re looking for a reasonable rate for a babysitter.

So how much should you really pay a babysitter? The average cost of a babysitter is $18.36 per hour for 1 child and $21.23 per hour for 2 children for two children and 21.49 per hour for 3 or more children. That’s according UrbanSitter’s 2021 Babysitting Rates & Childcare Costs Study.

Based on data from UrbanSitter’s reports, Babysitting costs have increased 8.3% on average over the past four years – much higher than the annual inflation rate of those years which was around 2-4%.

Average babysitting costs from 2018-2021:

  • 2021: $18-21 per hour
  • 2020: $17-21 per hour
  • 2019: $16-20 per hour
  • 2018: $16-20 per hour

While those are the average babysitting costs, the amount you should expect to pay for babysitting can vary significantly depending on where you live. 

For example, even if you live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you could expect to pay around $15-17 per hour for a babysitter, but if you live in New York City, babysitting could cost you closer to $18-22 per hour. You’re less than 100 miles apart, yet the average cost of a babysitter is nearly 50% higher.

Babysitting is cheapest in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the average is around $12-17 per hour. Babysitting is most expensive in San Francisco where the average is around $21-23 per hour. So as you can see, babysitting costs are very dependent on where you live.

So if you’re looking for a sitter, or you’re simply wondering if you’re paying the right amount for the sitter you have, take a look at the map below before you book your next date night.