16 Creative Summer Activities for Kids

Summer activities for kids

Looking for unique ways to make this summer unforgettable for your kids? Summer is finally here, and that means long sunny days, outdoor adventures, and endless possibilities for making memories with your little ones. 

While traditional activities like swimming, picnics, and park visits are fantastic, why not spice things up this year?

In this article, we’ll dive into a list of unconventional activities that will keep your kids engaged and entertained during the summer months.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Turn a simple walk in the park into an exciting scavenger hunt. Create a list of natural items like pinecones, different leaves, rocks, and flowers, and challenge your kids to find them all. This activity not only encourages observation skills but also instills a sense of appreciation for the natural world.

DIY Science Experiments

Summer is the perfect time to unleash the scientist within your child. Explore the world of DIY science experiments with simple household items. Create homemade volcanoes, make slime, or conduct a water absorption experiment. These hands-on activities foster curiosity and make learning memorable.

Outdoor Art Gallery

Let your little ones’ creativity shine by transforming your backyard into an outdoor art gallery. Provide them with large canvases, paints, chalks, or even watercolors and let their imagination run wild. Hang their masterpieces on a clothesline or use tape to display them on the fence. This artistic endeavor will make them feel like real artists!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Music and Dance Party

Turn up the volume and let loose with a music and dance party! Encourage your kids to create their own dance routines and showcase their moves. This activity not only provides a fun way to burn off energy but also boosts their self-expression and confidence. Get ready to groove and create some fantastic memories!

Cooking Adventures

Invite your little ones to the kitchen and embark on culinary adventures together. Choose simple recipes like homemade pizza, fruit popsicles, or colorful salads. Let them measure ingredients, mix, and decorate the final dish. Cooking not only teaches them valuable life skills but also nurtures their creativity and encourages healthy eating habits.

Backyard Camping

No need to venture far for an adventure-filled camping experience! Set up a tent in your backyard and create a cozy campsite. Roast marshmallows over a fire pit or a grill, tell stories, and stargaze. This mini camping excursion is a great way to introduce your kids to the wonders of the great outdoors, even if it’s just steps away from home.

DIY Obstacle Course

Get your kids moving and challenge their physical abilities with a DIY obstacle course. Use everyday objects like hula hoops, cones, jump ropes, and pool noodles to create a fun and challenging course in your backyard. Time their progress and cheer them on as they conquer each obstacle. This activity promotes coordination, problem-solving, and a healthy dose of friendly competition.

Nature Photography

Equip your children with a camera or a smartphone and let them become nature photographers for a day. Take a stroll in a local park or visit a botanical garden and encourage them to capture the beauty around them. This activity not only hones their observation skills but also allows them to appreciate the small wonders of nature.

DIY Water Balloon Piñatas

Fill water balloons and hang them from a tree branch or clothesline. Blindfold each child in turn and let them take a swing at the balloons with a bat or stick. The burst of water adds an element of surprise and laughter to the game. You can even time them to add an element of competition to it.

Nature Bracelets

Go on a nature walk and help your kids create unique bracelets using natural materials they find along the way. Wrap a piece of masking tape or a strip of adhesive tape around their wrists, sticky side out. Let them attach flowers, leaves, small twigs, or even seashells to create beautiful nature-inspired accessories. Or, if you’re really next-level, you could get a piece of string or paracord, cut or drill a hole in the middle of each item, then tie it in a sliding knot when you’re done. 

Bubble Wrap Popping Race

Did you know you could get 100 feet of large bubble wrap for around $20? Cut that bubble wrap into one-foot or two-foot sections and set a timer, then tell your kid (or kids) to pop as many bubbles as they can in that time period. If they pop them all, then stop the clock and tell them their time. Either have them compete with each other or against their own time to see how fast they can pop the same sized section again.

DIY Lemonade Stand

This is a classic. Encourage entrepreneurship and creativity by helping your kids set up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood. Let them create catchy signs, decorate the stand, and mix up refreshing lemonade. This activity teaches valuable lessons about money, customer service, and teamwork while enjoying some sweet summertime fun.

DIY Bird Feeders

Engage your kids in caring for nature by making homemade bird feeders. Use recycled materials such as plastic bottles, milk cartons, or pinecones. Let your kids decorate them with paint, markers, or glitter, and fill them with birdseed. Hang the feeders in your backyard and watch as their new colorful feathered friends visit for a snack.

Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

Transform your backyard into a glowing bowling alley for nighttime fun. Fill up empty plastic bottles with water and add glow sticks for a cool night-time effect. Set them up like bowling pins and use a soft ball or glow-in-the-dark ball to knock them down. This activity adds a magical touch to summer evenings.

DIY Water Wall

Create a DIY water wall using recycled materials like plastic bottles, funnels, and PVC pipes. Attach these items to a wooden board or fence, creating a structure that allows water to flow down in different ways. Your kids can experiment with pouring, diverting, and observing the water’s movement, providing hours of educational water play.

Ice Excavation

Beat the heat while fostering a sense of discovery with ice excavations. Fill a large container with water, add small toys or objects, and freeze it overnight. The next day, give your kids tools like spoons, spray bottles filled with warm water, or plastic utensils to excavate the toys from the ice. It’s a cool and engaging sensory experience.


Summer is the time to create memories that will last a lifetime. By stepping outside the box and trying these unconventional activities, you’ll not only keep your kids entertained but also foster their creativity, problem-solving skills, and love for the world around them. 

So, embrace the spirit of adventure, put on your creative hats, and get ready for a summer filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable experiences. Let the summer fun begin!